VISIONS RACE CARS is the only maker of 4-link Jr dragsters in the world!

Jr. Dragsters, Parts and Accessories


A true 4-link Jr. dragsterOur 4-Link suspension allows the car to step over bumps in the racing surface without upsetting the chassis. This helps make the car more consistent from run to run. It also reduces variability between lanes due to differences in the racing surface from one lane to another. It also allows for more weight transfer to the rear wheels and allows you to tune the chassis to the track conditions.


our compact motor/clutch configuration allows the driver to be further back in the carOur motor and clutch configuration is very compact and puts the engine behind the clutch. This configuration puts the heavier motor closer to the rear wheels than the standard Jr dragster configuration. The compact design also allows us to move the driver closer to the rear wheels. Since the driver is the heaviest part of the car (except the chassis), moving the driver closer to the rear wheels allows for better weight transfer upon launch for better traction off the line and less tire spin.


Driver safety is designed into our carsSafety is our first concern at Visions Race Cars. The car is fabricated with smaller tubing in the front, which will collapse and absorb the energy of a frontal impact. The tubing gradually increases in diameter up to the driver’s cage to absorb more and more of the impact. The driver’s cage is made from larger tubing that is designed to be much stiffer and protect him or her from contact with external objects. In addition, the steering shaft is made to not move in the event of a frontal impact. This ensures that the steering wheel will not be pushed into the driver’s chest in the event of a crash.


Adjustable pedals Both the brake and throttle pedals can be easily adjusted to fit your driver as he or she grows. The throttle pedal assembly includes a throttle-stop to allow the throttle opening to be easily adjusted.


Slip-joint for chassis tuning Our chassis is designed to flex, which helps transfer weight to the rear wheels. There is a slip-joint adjustment on the front of the car to control the amount of chassis flex. This allows you to tune the car for the optimum setting for each track.


Rack and pinion steering Visions Jr. dragsters all come with rack and pinion steering for precise handling. In addition, the geometry of our front end allows for a much tighter turning radius, which makes moving the car around the pits and the staging lanes much easier than with other Jr. dragsters.

We carry a complete set of parts for our Visions Race Cars Jr. Dragsters and parts for most other Juniors as well.  Click HERE for a list.