Jr. Comp Dragsters

Jr. Comp Dragsters

Jr. Comp Dragsters

This is a new way to go racing. A Jr. Comp dragster allows your 14 to 21 year old to continue racing with the Jr. drag racing league, running the 1/8 mile in a Jr. Comp 6.90 index class at 110 MPH. At the same time, a driver who is 16 years old or older (dad?) can race the car in a 1/4 mile class at over 140 MPH. When your teenager reaches the age of 16, you will have to choose who gets to run the car in the 1/4 mile.

Visions Race Cars Jr. Comp dragsterA Visions Race Cars Jr. Comp Dragster allows you to run quick for a small investment with low maintenance costs.We use a motorcycle engine and transmission to power the car. Several different engine choices are available, depending on how quick you want to go.




MTC remote operated clutchThe turn-key Jr. Comp Dragster comes with a complete instrument panel. There is a tachometer on the left and an electronic shift controlleron the right. The shift controller allows the crew chief to control the shift points of the engine to dial the car for index or bracket racing.

The buttons in the center of the steering wheel are used to control the electronic shifter while the car is on the track.

MTC remote operated clutchVisions Jr. Comp dragsters use an MTC motorcycle clutch to transfer the power to the rear wheels. This clutch is a special adaptation of thestandard motorcycle multi-plate clutch that uses centrifical force to engage the plates. This eliminates the need for a clutch pedal or lever and enables the transmission to be shifted automatically.





Electric shift solenoidThe Visions MTC clutch is operated by an electric shifter.When the engine RPMs reach a set limit, the electronic shift controller momentarily interrupts the ignition and signals the electric shifter to move the transmission into the next gear.




Driver safety is designed into our carsSafety is our first concern at Visions Race Cars. The car is fabricated with smaller tubing in the front, which will collapseand absorb the energy of a frontal impact. The tubing gradually increases in diameter up to the driver’s cage to absorb more and more of the impact.

The driver’s cage is made from larger tubing that is designed to be much stiffer and protect him or her from contact with external objects. In addition, the steering shaft is made to not move in the event of a frontal impact. This ensures that the steering wheel will not be pushed into the driver’s chest in the event of a crash.

Our Jr. Comp dragsters are certified to 7.5 seconds in the 1/4 mile.

Adjustable pedalsBoth the brake and throttle pedals can be easily adjusted to fit different size drivers.






Slip-joint for chassis tuningOur chassis is designed to flex, which helps transfer weight to the rear wheels.There is a slip-joint adjustment on the front of the car to control the amount of chassis flex.

This allows you to tune the car for the optimum setting for each track.



Rack and pinion steeringVisions Jr. comp dragsters are fitted with rack and pinion steering for precise handling.






Jr comp dragsters are available in a hard-tail or 4-link configurationVisions Race Cars makes two configurations of Jr. Comp Dragsters: a standard hard-tail model and an advanced 4-link configuration.Call us to discuss the benefits of each setup and which one will be the best choice for your application.